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3PL Case Studies

A National Off-Price Home Products Chain needed a retail distribution partner to support store growth. DMSI set up a 400,000 square feet operation to receive, price mark, pick, pack, store and ship over 20 million units annually. Cost savings have been achieved each year of our agreement.

A National Sporting Goods Retailer with 150 stores needed to quickly expand its retail supply chain capability to support store growth. DMSI deployed a regional facility to accommodate their store distribution requirements. While processing over 15 million annual units, at a lower per unit cost vs corporate facilities, this DMSI initiative allowed the client to move forward with their corporate objectives and delay capital expenditure for fixed assets.

A National Off-Price Clothing and Domestics Retailer operating over 500 stores in 23 states needed to expand distribution center services to support regional store expansion. DMSI established operations of a southeast retail distribution center to process over 50 million units a year. The project drove significant savings to the client while meeting all distribution objectives. Capital expenditure for a new company facility was delayed and fixed cost avoided.

A Regional Clothing and Domestics Retailer sought a 3PL to operate a retail distribution center to provide cross-dock and store replenishment. DMSI set up a cross-dock operation to process 6 million cartons annually. Cartons were received, labeled utilizing a voice recognition system, sorted and staged by route, and scanned onto the delivery trucks.